Management Principles

I will manage with inclusion, agility, ethics and transparency. I will stimulate and promote multilateral dialogue, and enhance closer collaboration.


I have demonstrated my consensus-building skills and bridge-making ability throughout my implication in the UPU as the representative of the Kingdom of Belgium and a.o.


  • Vice-Chair and topic leader for remuneration issues at the 2019 Geneva Extraordinary Congress,

  • Co-Chair Commission 2 “Universal Service Obligation, Regulatory Affairs and Postal Regulation” of Council of Administration during UPU Istanbul Cycle 2016-2020

  • Vice-Chair of Committee 3 “General and Policy Matters” at the 2016 UPU Istanbul Congress.

Committed to Management Principles:

1. Inclusion

  • Help all member countries to introduce or develop inclusive, integrated and sustainable services;

  • Create a level playing field for equal opportunities and resources;

  • Promote diversity in the work environment where all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully.

2. Agility

  • Adapt quickly to the changing market; 

  • Ensure more efficiency and collaboration in our work, faster decision-making and;

  • A better use of our resources.

3. Ethics and transparency

  • Impeccable personal and business ethics;

  • Be open, honest, and straightforward about UPU operations with respect to all members;

  • Better exchange of information and decision-making, both internally and externally.