• Jack Hamande

2020 - When the world recognizes the essential nature of the postal sector

"Over a million parcels a day every day! Thanks to parcels, the postal sector has never grown so fast since the turn of the century", said Jack Hamande

Over a million parcels a day every day! The pandemic kicked off online shopping both among consumers and as small and medium enterprises. This compares with years before where a postal operator only reached such volume just few times a year.

Jack Hamande speaking about postal future and challenges
Jack Hamande - Postal sector is essential

The development of the letter, direct mail and parcel businesses varied considerably in 2020. The volume flows of letter and direct mail items were reduced further as a result of the pandemic. The volume of addressed letter mail fell more compared to media post. The decline was mainly due to the substantial impact of the lockdown measures in many sectors.

Parcel volumes grew up so much. Post's developed capacity expansion program. For sure parcels sorting and distribution capacities will be further increased in 2021.

Few example, Swiss Post recorded a 23% jump in parcels in Switzerland in 2020. PostNL delivered a record 337 million parcels. An Post said that parcels and packets volumes had doubled.

The Covid-19 tight restrictions placed on close personal contacts has had one positive side-effect: a boom in sales of Christmas cards. We all remember that the greetings cards industry in general had been experiencing a serious decline before the turn of the century, as electronic messages and apps took the place of physical mail and particularly greetings cards.

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