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"Amazon has to register as a postal company in Spain" said the Spanish Regulator (CNMC)

"Amazon has to register as a postal company in Spain". This has been decided by the Spanish regulator CNMC, after looking at two subsidiaries of the American company. Amazon must register as a postal company within one month and comply with certain rules on employment conditions, taxes, privacy and immigration.

Jack Hamande

The Spanish Regulator came to the conclusion that Amazon is a postal operator and must therefore comply with industry regulations. The Regulator began an investigation in February last year and has just released its findings. Among the most relevant requirements is not only that Amazon must register as an operator with the Ministry of Transport, but also that it must require all its subcontractors and independent delivery companies to do so.

"Amazon exercises "intense influence and control" over other operators in the postal sector" says CNMC

Amazon does use other postal companies in Spain, but according to the CNMC it also has its own delivery company to get parcels to customers. Spain is not the only country that thinks so. In 2018, the Italian Regulator AGCOM already fined Amazon 300,000 euros for offering postal services without having a license to do so.

"Amazon can file a contentious-administrative appeal against the CNMC decision before the National Court, within two months from the day after the notification"

The Regulator concludes, in the light of postal regulations, that the fact that Amazon has electronic commerce as its main activity and that its business model has an electronic platform as its main support does not exclude or prevent it from performing functions that are considered postal.

source : https://www.cnmc.es/expedientes/stpdtsp00620

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