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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Postal sector together with partners gives further a boost to small businesses that want to take advantage of e-commerce. “E-commerce" initiatives are soaring in various countries to help develop online sales for small SME’s (small medium sized entreprises).

Recently announced in Belgium, small entrepreneurs will be able to set up their webshop in a simple way in 30 minutes maximum. They will choose themselves the payment methods available to customers and the postal operator will deliver the goods.

The new service uses Shopitag, the online shopping platform of the Ghent company Infinity Mobile. Shopitag is a do-it-yourself e-commerce platform for small businesses, similar to the Canadian Shopify platform. https://press.bpost.be/bpost-group-launches-an-exclusive-growth-platform-for-smes

"This initiative contributes further to making e-commerce accessible to all" said Jack Hamande

There are many other initiatives taken by the postal sector to ease the online business activities. For example, the possibility to buy sets of labels with significant discounts (Deutsche Post, for example, offers discounted sets of labels for both parcels and packets) and online franking allows for discounted shipping rates.

"E-commerce provides a way for All in international trade – including young people, women, rural workers and citizens of least developed countries – to become global players."

Posts also started sometimes ago to develop national e-commerce portals allowing customers to start online business easily. The benefits of e-commerce are many: it allows for a larger variety of exports in terms of products and markets. For example, a digital exporter in Peru reaches on average 25 countries, while a traditional one reaches only three.

Fully integrated solutions offering to create a website and use shopping cart solution to sell, ship, and manage products are reducing the barriers to do business to make e-commerce better for everyone !

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