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ERGP report on the quality of service, consumer protection and complaint management

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Most NRAs mentioned items lost, damaged or substantially delayed as the main reasons for cross-border complaints

Quality of service standards regarding the universal service (US) are established in order to guarantee a postal service of good quality. These quality standards should in particular focus on routing times, as well as on the regularity and reliability of services.

“Many countries have granted exceptions regarding frequency of collection and in particular delivery.

The ERGP continuously monitors the effects of postal liberalisation through appropriate indicators by benchmarking the quality of postal services and their development over time

The report is based on the replies received from 32 ERGP members

33 ERGP members have defined regulatory objectives which deal with universal service regarding transit time. Only 9 countries (27%) have regulatory objectives regarding loss or substantial delay

The majority of the countries have regulatory objectives for priority mail. From the 32 countries, 30 countries (91%) had regulatory objectives for priority mail and 19 for non-priority mail (59%). The average value of results (D+1) in countries which provided information on the results (24 countries) was 85.14%, which is a little bit better than in the previous year (84.11% for 27 countries in 2017) and we can notice more stability in quality results since the last 3 years. The Eastern countries had a positive evolution in 2018, unlike the other regions. Amongst the countries which provided their results and targets (24 countries), the universal service provider (USP) achieved the targets regarding D+1 in only 12 countries, while in 12 countries the universal service provider (USP) did not.

read more : https://ec.europa.eu/growth/sectors/postal-services/ergp_en

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