• Jack Hamande

Innovation & Environment awards to Belgium at Parcel+Post Expo Virtual Live !

The annual Parcel and Postal Technology International Awards recognizing the most innovative developments in the postal and parcel industry took place at Parcel+Post Expo Virtual Live on Tuesday, October 13 afternoon. Innovation & Environment are not buzz words in postal, they mean a real engagement from the postal operators

Bpost group, which scooped the Environmental Achievement of the Year and the New Business Development of the Year awards. By 2030 bpost aims to have reduced its CO2  emissions by at least 20% and boast a fleet that comprises at least 50% electric vehicles.

Bpost innovated during the Covid-19 pandemic and launched an exclusive online growth platform for SMEs in Belgium called ‘touslesmagasinsenligne.be’. It enables SMEs to build their own webshop in a just few clicks.

"Innovation & Environment are not buzz words in postal sector, they mean a real engagement from the postal operators" said Jack Hamande

Postal operators follow a structured approach when innovating products and systems. With both quality enhancements and cost reductions in mind, they create more consumer-centric service strategy and develop digital and data strategies that sets critical success foundations.

"Postal and digital converge to always offer better services and customer experience"

As consumer and E-merchants expectations continue to change at a rapid pace, the postal sector need to be faster and bolder to innovate. Postal operators can investigate new synergies between existing core operations, services and assets for a new and defendable competitive advantage.

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