• Jack Hamande

Jack Hamande talks at the Parcel+Post Expo Conference about Covid19 impact - October 13 2020

The world is going through and continues to go through an unprecedented health crisis; postal sector during this period has proved more than ever a necessity for all.

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All the men and women of the Posts have mobilized in recent months to support us and provide us with the best possible services.

"Governments have identified our postal operations as essential to our societies. Let us never forget that again !" said Jack Hamande

The situation created by covid19 has challenged our postal networks, despite the situation our postal operators maintained their services, adapted their operations but more importantly they innovated. They worked hard to deliver the primary necessities. Governments have identified our postal operations as essential to our societies. Let us never forget that again ! This session will review various responses to the Covid-19 crisis, looking at how postal operators, courier and express companies, fulfillment and logistics companies, as well as companies involved in developing and implementing the latest technological solutions in automation and delivery, reacted to the situation.

The COVID-19 crisis emerged with an unprecedented breadth and impact. It required governments, businesses, and the logistics industry alike to adapt quickly to new challenges.

Jack Hamande

COVID-19 and lockdown have driven major changes in consumer habits, including the way we shop. As lockdown begins studies show that online spend is still increasing but the mix of items bought continues to change as we all adjust to the new normal. Online ordering and home delivery of clothing, makeup, food and drink look set to stay as the one off or more occasional.

"It’s been an unpredictable year, the pandemic boosted e-commerce as more households switched to shopping online, and post-lockdown parcel volumes reached levels Postal operators had not expected to see until 2023"

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source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drefPFT1dkg

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