• Jack Hamande

National Regulators reporting measures implemented for the postal services regarding Covid-19

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

In the view of the Covid-19 outbreak, the #ERGP (European Regulators Group for Postal Services) is collecting information about measures adopted in the postal sector.

National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) collect information about postal services situation on regular basis. Several measures have been taken to maintain operations e.g. home deliveries made only to the door and personal contact avoided, special instructions given to prevent elderly people from going to post offices to receive their pensions, offices are open fewer hours per day, etc.... Please see #ERGP communication on the subject at https://ec.europa.eu/docsroom/documents/40862

"It is important to share information on measures adopted for postal services in view of the Covid-19 outbreak. We can learn from each other to support essential services provisioning like postal ones" said Jack Hamande

But there are many other challenges like cross border shipments and increase of national ecommerce volumes. According to the available information, operators are adapting continuously to cross border issues due to a lack of air capacities by using multimodal approaches (Train, trucks, cargos, etc). Operators also reported delays in deliveries due to increase of volumes as a consequence of consumer behavior changes.

"The postal sector is facing major operational challenges ! But they make it happen everyday. Digital signing solutions were implemented very fast to respect social distancing."

Many impact on operations have been identified. In some Member States, postal operators suspended services to premises through postmen, extended deposit terms for registered items, mail to government / ministries, medical facilities are delivered with priorities, maximum limit of people allowed to enter postal offices … Postal operators are committed to do their utmost to ensure the delivery of all products.

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