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#Belgium and #Kenya closed UPU committee 2 (policies and regulations) works successfully today !

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Committee 2 achieved its work program as foreseen in its work program

The committee 2 endorsed a lot of draft proposals during its work session. Among others, extending access to UPU products and services, work proposals concerning the universal service obligation, intregrated product plan proposals.

Co-chairs of council of adminsitration UPU C2
Jack Hamande
Committee 2 endorse the submission to the 2020 Congress of draft proposals on the updated Integrated Remuneration Plan 2021-2024” said Jack Hamande

With regard to the access policy, to UPU product and services the following general principles were approved by the Istanbul Congress in its Resolution C 10 (2016) :

– Maintaining the integrity and independence of the UPU;

– No unfair advantage to any group or individual player;

– Clear delineation of the responsibilities and roles of all entities involved;

– Transparent management, control and integration of the postal supply chain;

– Reciprocity of interconnection with other stakeholder networks, as applicable;

– Wider postal sector payment for access to UPU products and services;

– Demonstrated need for wider postal sector access to specific UPU products and services;

– Proper security mechanisms in place to ensure data protection and privacy.

"Both the Doha and Istanbul Congresses recognized the need to study the possibility of opening UPU products and services to wider postal stakeholders, in order to advance the UPU mission, particularly in the areas of cooperation and interaction among stakeholders"

During the Istanbul cycle, the Council of administration has received regular reports on these advancements, has closely monitored the work, and has been consulted when policy considerations were at issue. Other services contemplated for the near future include:

– Trainpost: the training programme designed by the UPU, comprising a distance-learning tool delivered through an online platform, based on a modular training system. It is aimed at developing and enhancing the proficiency of the postal staff of UPU member countries (ministries, regulators and DOs). It provides various courses under a number of broad headings. The platform will be strengthened in the next cycle so that it can reach a wider range of stakeholders.

– International Mail Processing Centre (IMPC) codes

The opening up of UPU products and services is an ongoing process. In this regard, the International bureau identified the need for further opening the supply chain solutions to wider postal sector players, in addition to customs, airlines and ground handlers. These include other modes of transport, namely road, rail and sea.

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