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Parcels delivery: Zero CO2 emissions is possible! The postal sector does it!

"Despite the increase in the number of parcels since the coronavirus crisis, the post sector is now able to deliver all mail and parcels in small pilot cities without emissions. ", said Jack Hamande

In recent years, online commerce has shaken up the consumption habits of citizens. Today, almost everything is just a click away. The world discovered this during the lockdowns. E-commerce is growing at a crazy speed and the number of packages delivered is constantly increasing.

In Belgium, for example, Bpost has implemented the required changes at the operational level, but also by relying on the inhabitants who have adapted their behavior.

Jack Hamande speaking about postal future and challenges
Jack Hamande - We can change a lot by thinking about a few small questions

How did they do it?

Investments were made in the greening of the fleet. All diesel vehicles have been replaced by electric cars or electric bikes equipped with an innovative trailer. These are used both for home delivery of parcels, newspapers and letters and for transporting them to collection points and post offices. A dense network of collection points has been developed to encourage recipients to collect their parcels on foot or by bicycle.

These are new hybrid networks comprising post offices, post points and parcel distributors, creating optimal service and proximity coverage.

Petra De Sutter, the minister in charge of the postal sector, is delighted with these developments. "The postal sector is setting the tone for future mail and parcel delivery methods. The post office will play a pioneering role, particularly in terms of the environment."

How can we act as consumers ?

"We can change a lot by thinking about a few small questions ", said Jack Hamande :

Do we really need two-day delivery?

Do I really need to order the same thing three times to get the right size?

We can also : group our purchases when possible, reduce the size of the packaging, reuse packaging for new shipments, to share our journeys... etc...

"So many small gestures to make at our level today" said Jack Hamande

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