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Purchasing behavior of Belgians has definitely changed during COVID-19 crisis !

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Comeos, the Belgian trade and services federation, questioned more than 3,000 consumers between 30 April and 10 May 2020 about the impact of COVID-19 on their purchasing behavior. The results show that the purchasing behavior of Belgians has changed significantly. For example, 30% of consumers will buy more online in the future. https://www.comeos.be/pressrelease/343767/La-crise-du-coronavirus-booste-l-e-commerce

In all age categories and for almost all product groups, new consumers purchased online for the first time. The group of first-time buyers is the largest among those over 60 years of age. A striking fact is that 50% of the 61-70 year old bought flowers or plants for the first time online. Products in this category are bought by all age groups more online than before the crisis. 30% will continue to buy more online in the future.

"We might expect more online purchases also in the future" said Jack Hamande

While the full implications of COVID-19 are still unknown, it’s clear that the impact on retail is already significant. Emerging evidence points to a significant shift, as customers scale back their shopping in stores and instead go online.

When COVID-19 started disrupting daily routines in Europe, the e-commerce revenues jumped up threefold almost overnight.

"Purchasing behavior has definitely changed"

Consumers indicate that they want to buy more in local convenience stores and avoid shopping centres. Just over half of the respondents (52%) are convinced that the way we shop will never be the same again.

The coronavirus crisis has had a significant and immediate effect on our shopping behavior.

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