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Sustainable delivery boost within the postal industry

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Netherlands : 30 to 40 cities introducing inner city zero emission zones in 2025

"The environment, the economy and we humans need new ideas and approaches for sustainable development. Swiss Post wants to be a pioneer and a role model in this respect. This is something I’m working on with our staff every day." says Roberto Cirillo, Swiss Post CEO

“E-commerce sector starts unique collaboration to make parcel delivery even more sustainable.”

Corporates that are not investing in new sustainable business models will be out of business soon. Decarbonising the delivery industry requires an arsenal of digital and technological advances, as well as some old-fashioned changes in behaviour.

Measures must be taken now

"Web shops and carriers are joining forces to make parcel delivery even more sustainable. The e-commerce sector targets a 50% reduction in CO₂ emissions by 2025 in the logistics operation compared to current emissions. In order to measure the CO₂ impact of parcel delivery, Thuiswinkel.org, Connekt and Top Sector Logistics have developed a calculation model in collaboration with webshops and carriers that meets European standards.

The consumer is also made aware of the impact of the different delivery options with the Bewust Bezorgd (conscious delivery) campaign."

Read more https://www.connekt.nl/nieuws/e-commerce-sector-starts-unique-collaboration-to-make-parcel-delivery-even-more-sustainable/

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