• Jack Hamande

The overall traffic on fixed and mobile networks has increased during the Covid-19 crisis

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Jack Hamande is in charge of the following departments within the Belgian Institute for Postal and Telecommunications services (BIPT) : Network security, Postal Market and law enforcement

National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) monitor the situation and regularly collect data from the internet service providers and other market players. In Europe, several NRAs closely cooperate with their respective ministries and other authorities. Please see BEREC communication on the subject at https://berec.europa.eu/eng/document_register/subject_matter/berec/press_releases/9247-press-release-updated-berec-report-on-the-status-of-internet-capacity-in-light-of-covid-19-crisis

"BIPT will continue to report to the Crisis Center on the effects of increased demand for network connectivity and internet access for as long as it will be necessary".

According to the available information, operators are still closely monitoring their network’s capacity to check if an action is necessary.

"Our networks in Belgium are robust !" https://www.lecho.be/dossiers/coronavirus/le-reseau-telecom-a-digere-les-mesures-de-confinement/10219151.html

In some Member States, operators have implemented customer-friendly measures. For example, increasing the amount of mobile data in the subscriptions for a limited period without any additional charge and temporarily zero-rating for additional services. Some operators also offer services free of charge, such as educational content and platforms.


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