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The first US$ billion was reached in just 68 seconds !

An increasing number of new brands joined Tmall Global – Alibaba’s cross-border e-commerce platform – ahead of 11.11. This year, over 26,000 brands from 84 countries and regions took part in the single day, offering 1.2 million new products from overseas to Chinese consumers.

To handle US$38.4 billion in gross merchandise value for the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, the first billion in just 68 seconds, Alibaba Group needs computing power – an incredible amount of computing power obviously.

Covid-19 has changed the consumer behaviors, and people all went more digital. That’s all playing out on the cloud. Alibaba Cloud on Wednesday said that the Group’s full adoption of cloud infrastructure and technologies allowed Alibaba to process as many as 554,000 orders per second during this year or 1,360 times more than the inaugural 11.11 in 2009. In other words, this year, Alibaba Cloud processed 970 petabytes in that single day, which is equal to about 12,901 years of nonstop HD video recording.

JD.Com applies supply innovation too

"Omnichannel Fulfillment supply chain makes delivery more efficient", said Jack Hamande

JD’s Omnichannel Fulfillment supply chain innovation program sources products from offline outlets located near customers, eliminating unnecessary touch points, increasing efficiency while reducing costs. When a consumer places an order online, the platform matches the order with offline supply closest to the customer in real-time, and then arranges for a courier to deliver to the consumer along the most efficient route. Instead of relying solely on the stock in JD’s warehouses, the omnichannel fulfillment platform will calculate which stores nearest to the customer have the items in stock, and then source the inventory from there, both ensuring supply and delivery speed.

As of November 4th, JD has achieved one-hour delivery through the cooperation with JDDJ (JD Daojia, China’s leading local on-demand retail platform) in 328 cities.

Fast-moving consumer goods and fresh food were a highlight of JD’s Singles Day Grand Promotion during which the company reported transaction volume of RMB 271.5 billion yuan (USD $41.1 billion) for the 11-day sales period from November 1st-11th.

source: https://jdcorporateblog.com/jd-singles-day-wrap-up-2-grocery-e-commerce-from-important-to-imperative/

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