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UPU’s High-Level Forum on wider postal sector engagement

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

The task force will report its recommendations to the Unions council of administrations .

The council of administration formed a taskforce to study the wider opening of the UPU. The international bureau organized a high level forum on february 13th. When wrapping up, Mr Hamande congratulated the UPU for opening the discussion about this subject, noting that the task force will report its recommendations to the Unions supervisor council. There were different views and some participants called for more impact analysis and / or smooth approach.

You will be the ones to determine what to open and how it will be opened. Please, let’s take the first steps.” said the Director General

Topics discussed during the forum were : Why the UPU should open itself to wider postal sector players? What the UPU has to offer wider postal sector players and partners? How the UPU should transform to respond to the needs of its stakeholders ?

The forum brought together high-level representatives from governments, regulators, designated operators, international organizations, other private sector players, as well as civil society, to examine those questions.

Mr Ndaro urged members to consider the changing needs of postal customers, as the Post’s traditional letters market continues to decline and more shares of the parcels market are taken by private operators.

Mr Zhao said he fully supported the UPU’s initiative to encourage private sector to take part in the organization’s activities, noting how including the private players had helped accelerate ITU processes. In order to capture the interest of new stakeholders, he explained that ITU had to “have good contact with the industry to encourage them to have confidence to come to us.”. This topic will be discussed further within the taskforce.

read more : http://news.upu.int/no_cache/nd/upu-forum-necessary-transformations-for-wider-postal-sector-inclusion/

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