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Webinar UPU Horizon 2025: Let's (re)invent the postal sector together

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

"UPU Horizon 2025: Innovation, Sustainable Growth and Inclusive Development through the Postal Sector is our duty", said Jack Hamande

On March 26, 2021, delegations from around the world took part in a webinar on the evolution of the postal sector in 2025, organized by the Belgian diplomatic missions in Bern and Geneva.

The Covid crisis has shown that the postal sector is essential to our societies.

Jack Hamande speaking about postal future and challenges
Jack Hamande - UPU Horizon 2025

It is clear that the postal sector is facing many changes such as the continuing changing regulatory and policy environment, the evolution of citizens' expectations, the need for digitalization at all levels, need for continuous innovation and the importance of not missing the opportunity of ecommerce.

Many opportunities and challenges related to the postal sector and e-commerce arise from these changes. It is essential that the UPU strategically serve members and postal operators to develop operational capabilities and infrastructure to continuously improve and integrate new business capabilities and to adapt quickly to new market opportunities. We do not have time to wait !

The UPU must serve the vision of its members and contribute to sustainable economic growth and inclusive development, especially for small and developing countries. The UPU must contribute to the growth of the postal sector by putting postal operators and their staff first.

"Experience in the postal sector only is no longer enough to be able to meet the challenges facing the sector and to lead the UPU, it is necessary to have multi-faceted experience in the private and public sectors, but also in the postal and digital industries", stated the Belgian ambassador underlining the quality of the Belgian candidacy for the position of Director General

Let's promote together the sustainable growth of the postal sector for the benefit of all

The presentation used during the event is available here

Webinar UPU Horizon 2025
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