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Your vision for the postal sector by 2030

"Vision 2030 ! Let’s foster together a sustainable postal sector growth for the benefit of All", said Jack Hamande

In a recent article, Analysys Mason calls for the development of a long-term vision for the universal postal service.

"The postal, parcel and logistics services of the future will be diametrically opposed to today’s universal services, and long-term planning is needed to achieve a vision for 2030." said Ian Streule Partner at Analysys Mason

Jack Hamande speaking about postal future and challenges
Jack Hamande - Postal sector is essential

Post and parcel volumes evolution

The volume of addressed letters sent has been declining. At the same time, the number parcels mainly driven by of e-commerce is growing significantly. This trend might continue beyond 2021 so that parcels will account for a dominant share of the postal and parcel sector.

In its 2020 report, ERGP (European Regulator Group for Postal Services) mentioned that the total traffic volume across ERGP countries has fallen, on average, by 3.6% in the period 2015-2019, which means a loss of around nine (9) billions of items.

During this period, all regions registered a decline, which was most significant in the Southern cluster.

In particular, letter mail volumes decreased in all regional groups. In contrast, it is possible to observe a significant increase in parcel volumes for all regions in the same period, with a particularly significant increase in the Eastern countries (+27.3%).

Given the decrease in letter volumes and the increase in parcels, the proportion of parcels in total volumes is increasing, from 8% on average in 2015 to 13% in 2019. In terms of per capita, there was a decrease in the number of items per capita, from 141 in 2015 to 121 in 2019.

Parcel delivery needs evolving

E-commerce players and parcel recipients are placing growing importance on same-day or next-day, tracked delivered items. Recipients are also more opened to collect items from nearby postal points or pick-up locations. Improved tracking expectation is growing.

Vision for postal and parcel services by 2030

Vision for postal and parcel services by 2030 should include support for the following shifts reported Analysys Mason:

- a letter USO that moves from the highest cost daily delivery service to a less frequent service, but retaining the convenience of delivery to the home

- a parcel USO that moves away from a combined delivery with letters to a service that focuses on rapid, regular delivery to centralized but convenient parcel delivery points, combining speed with tracking and technology

Ongoing studies

Policy makers, regulators and industry players are starting to address these questions by conducting studies of user needs, as well as simulating scenario analyses and policy development. Interesting development can also include whether the market will provide more innovation, adjacent services and start the discussion on opening access to pick ups points for multiple carriers.

Let’s foster together a sustainable postal sector growth for the benefit of All !

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