Foster sustainable postal sector growth for the benefit of all

The postal world is experiencing profound changes that are affecting the Union. Many postal and e-commerce opportunities arise from these changes, for which the UPU must be a stronger enabler to remain relevant. It needs to create more value for members and stakeholders - in particular for the developing and small countries- , to quickly adapt to the market needs, and address its internal weaknesses while embracing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Practically, I will focus on 4 priorities:

1. Inclusive Development

  • Help members improve their own capabilities by introducing and developing inclusive, integrated and sustainable services;

  • Develop ecosystems for members to get additional financial, technical and operational support in all aspects (IT, infrastructure, etc.) with a focus on developing and small countries;

  • Design priorities and projects to meet regional needs and local developments;

  • Create a level playing field for opportunities and resources.

2. Innovation & Growth

  • Accelerate pace to quickly adapt to market needs, anticipate new trends, new regulations and possible barriers;

  • Focus on standardisation and allow for better integration of networks at the national, regional and global levels;

  • Promote sustainable postal network reach and quality improvement;

  • Work closely with other UN organisations and stakeholders to accelerate development.

3. E-commerce opportunities for all:

  • Engage smoothly with wider stakeholder groups making sure the postal sector contributes as a key component of the development of different economies, in a sustainable way;

  • Become a recognised centre of expertise and foster e-commerce capacity building in postal servicesworldwide;

  • Develop (digital) solutions to update and enhance the worldwide postal network attractiveness.

4. Governance excellence and financial sustainability

  • Strengthen governance of the International Bureau, ensure representativeness of all regions in the various governance bodies;

  • Human resources policies fostering respect, diversity and inclusion;

  • Adapt the UPU structures to gain efficiency and effectiveness to balance the finances and allow for further developments.